About Us

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who we are

HaLT Web Services is a small business that specializes in web design, web hosting, Snapchat filters, and eLearning. We provide competitive pricing for all our products and services. 

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with EXCELLENT customer service!

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green data center

When you have your website built with us, we host your website in one of our Green Data Centers. Here at HaLT, we will do our best to run our business as eco-friendly as possible.

Global warming is in full effect, and we are determined to help reduce our carbon footprint. We believe in the importance of having our clients understand our commitment to eco-friendly policies. We have made efforts in our office to reduce waste, increase recycling and stop the use of paper products whenever possible.

Traditional data centers run Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) nontsop, cooling the hot air out of the building entirely and brings cooler air in generated by the servers and recirculating it. Outside Air Cooling, instead, vents hot air out of the building entirely and brings cooler air in, only cooling it through the CRAC units when high outside temperatures of humidity makes it necessary. This new technology greatly reduces the energy consumed by the data center for cooling purposes.

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